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Understanding Spotify Shared URL Parameters

Learn how to precisely customize the timeline starting point for Spotify shared links.

Have you ever shared a Spotify link and noticed those seemingly random numbers at the end of the URL? The number represents the number of milliseconds passed from the beginning of the track until the point at which you clicked the “Share” button. The number will be appended to the URL as a timestamp parameter if you check the box to start at that point. This knowledge enables you to mark the exact moment you want your viewer to experience your selected clip starts when someone clicks your link.

Spotify URL Timestamp Format

When you select a specific point in a Spotify episode to share, the URL generated includes a parameter that looks like this:

Note: &t= is where the magic happens. The number following &t= represents the time in milliseconds. For instance, 1195308 milliseconds translates to a specific point in the episode.

Converting Milliseconds to Human Time

Since the URL is generated in the context of music, a podcast, or some media that has a duration of time. Trying to sense of the mysterious figure 1195308, I decided to try the old _UNIT_ as _UNITS_ trick in Google, but i guess it doesn’t like to do that particular conversion. So, I used a handy tool: Milliseconds to Minutes Calculator.

Plugging in the value, I discovered that 1195308 milliseconds equal, 19 minutes and 55 seconds! Indeed, my sleuthing remains formidable!

This precise timestamp is reflected in the Spotify player’s timeline counter. Knowing this, you can customize the start point of your shared Spotify clip by modifying the milliseconds parameter in the URL.

Practical Example

Imagine you want to share a specific part of a podcast. The current timestamp in your URL is &t=1195308, which cues the player to start at 19:55. But what if you want it to start exactly at the 20-minute mark? Simply change the parameter: &t=1200000

This adjustment sets the clip to begin at precisely 20:00 minutes.

What’s it all Mean?

Understanding how these timestamps work empowers you to share exactly the content you want. Whether you’re highlighting a key moment in a song or a pivotal point in a podcast, controlling the start time ensures your audience experiences the content just as you intended.

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