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sysVinit I presume. I’m sorry about the brain damage where there’s just chunks missing for some reason. I’ll get it. But this is important to know, I do recall that much!

It may even sound crazy to Linux users who were not introduced to a Linux Desktop Environment prior to the release of Ubuntu (a debian-like distro which gained popularity circa 2008 – 2010 in my estimation.

sysVinit i believe is a sort of counterpart to SystemD (whatever that is) which is the service sort of command that you might see like

sudo systemd something --something else

In terms of abstraction of utility through the ingenuity of the software and , in your world probably, you may have seen something like a2start (something of that nature?)

I could be wrong, and I’ll do the research and fix this post. But, a2start is an alias for a systemd command which– as far as i’ve always understood it, basically, systemd– is a different way of controlling the services running on the system.

For example, to start nginx, I type a command like:

sudo service nginx start
; or to restart the server
sudo service nginx restart
; super simple basic service control

Whatchu do

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