WHENU and Save! – Paying for some ‘FREE’ Software

I wrote this article about six months ago. I saved it as a draft because I didn’t want to make remark upon the incident while i was influenced so heavily by emotion. I wanted put some space between my otherwise rational judgment, and the feelings of anger, disappointment, and shame which i felt so strongly to inspire this entry. I was angry because instead of getting what i thought was a singular software application of my own choice, as it is most conspicuously advertised to be, the reality was that spyware and adware were inconspicuously to be installed on my Windows pc system. It would be merely disappointing, but I was angry because I felt that i had been deceived because the additional, unwanted software was tagged on to the package i downloaded, unbeknownst to me. Though my desire was to obtain and install only the Free Download Manager software application, the reality is that it is not as simple as going to freedownloadmanager.org to select the desired file, and initiate a download. In order to ulitmately obtain the installation file, a process of registration is required, wherein an a valid e-mail address is required. When the registration for FreeDownloadManager.org is completed, the would-be software user is sent what basically amounts to a voucher, or a ticket redeemable for one software download. This process forces the user to provide contact information to be used for whatever purpose that organization sees fit. I was ashamed because I allowed myself to go through with the process. When i finally initiated the download for the specific software– the desire which started this process of ultimate disappointment, I got more than i bargained for– when I ran the installer, I receive a prompt that i must install the adware WHENU and / or Save!, both well-known spyware and adware applications. In short, i didn’t get what I thought I ordered, i experienced difficulty in installing the software that i wanted, i was forced to provide my contact information in the form of a valid e-mail address, and I was encouraged to install spyware and adware.

remember– don’t go through the hassle of submitting your email– even if it’s a free email account which you use for such purposes– (a “spam cather account” so to speak for signing up for things like this). You’ll only find yourself frustrated in the end that you aren’t goign to be able to use the software after all– even though, technically, you do get it for “free”, you’re going to pay a high price in the long run– and the tradeoff is NOT worth it.

Please note:
this statement is not meant to reflect upon the owners of the web site FreeDownloadManager.org, nor is it intended to make any statement about the quality of the free product, Free Download Manager (a.k.a. FreeDownloadManager). Do we know if the domain name freedownloadmanager.org is in fact directly connected with the Software of the same name? Is this a deception created by someone other than the software engineer? It is indeed a confusing situation. Because I am frustrated by this situation, i’m recording my feelings on the subject because i don’t want to repeat the same blunder in the future– so hopefully writing this note will do the trick! The purpose of this entry is to share the experience I had when I downloaded FREE software from the public software repository, a web site by the same name as the software application I went there to download, FreeDownloadManager.org (free software in this case means that there was no exchange of funds needed to fulfill the download transaction; to install and continually use the software on my local system, under no limitations for personal and non-commercial use).

Contrary as it is, the software by the same name as the web site described as presenting a frustrating experience, Free Download Manager the Download Manager software itself (Window XP version) is in fact quite a nice compliment to a web browser, such as Firefox which might also bare other file-download-enhancements, such as “FlashGot”.

Because this web site, WordPressCenter.net (or any web site or media which currently holds this statement, originally authored for this personal web log / journal / pocket reference) is published as a transportable medium; a remote means for documenting my notes on Standards Compliant Web Design, and Dynamic Web Development which would be available to me whether at home, at work, or any other location where i might wish to reference and / or record a personal note on these topics, i feel that I am justified in publishing my opinion here. I emphasize that this text is merely my own opinion which may change from day to day, and which is not necessariy an expert or reliable resource for information. Should you take what is written here as fact, or even a resemblence of fact, i warn you that you may be making a mistake in doing so, and I recommend, as I do throughout this text, because these are my own personal notes, you should investigate these subjects on your own, and develop your own understanding of the material, or your own opinion about the topics, issues, ideas, methods, etc.

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