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How to boost Twitter SMM conversions

You gotta use those keywords, people! Even if it doesn’t make sense to you. It only matters if it makes sense to the robot.

Anyway… regarding Twitter. Be sure to understand how to actually use it.

A few things to note:

  • When your Tweet is jive, people will see that you’ve limited who can reply to your Tweet.    
  • When you’ve invited certain people to reply, they will see a line of context right below the Tweet from their Home timeline letting them know that they (and anyone else selected) can reply and join the conversation. They will also receive a mention push notification if they have that setting on.
  • Restrictions you place on your Tweets will only apply to the ability for others to reply to your Tweet. Others can still engage with your Tweet by, for example, liking or Retweeting it, or voting on a poll you include in your Tweet.
  • Once you’ve published a Tweet, you can manage your conversations by changing who replies to your Tweet or deleting the original Tweet. Replies and Retweets of your Tweet will inherit the restrictions you placed on the root Tweet, but Quote Tweets will not inherit your restrictions. 

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