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In addition to the Primary Bookmarks Page, this “Random Links” page is meant to be a place to jot down bookmarks at those moments when there’s not necessarily time for commentary, but the reference material is too good to go w/out taking a second look again at a later day. If I am able to categorize it at some point, i will. If it’s organized bookmarks or resources you seek, then look at the Works Cited page, or the Bookmarks page.

WordPress Stuff

  • the WordPress Plugins Database – a very useful collection of plugins for the world’s most friendly personal journal authoring software (a.k.a. “Web Log” or “Blog” software… duh!)

Server Administration (and Reseller) stuff:

  • The first URL to grace this page is that of the Web Hosting Provider Forums. Myself, being of the newest of new Web Hosting Provider’s, i thought it would be a good idea, even without researching the credibility of this resource, to go ahead and tuck this one away– because i can probably at least find other good references linked from here, assuming that this site itself would not be good. Pass no judgement yet– take a look first!:
    Web Hosting Provider Forums
  • Something I discovered as I was searching for a Java or JavaScript application which might do use regular expressions to perform tests on code pasted from the clipboard:
    Apache Jakarta Java Applet thing w/ RegEx search

More HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Quickies†

† Define the word “Quickie” and write a 3 paragraph essay…

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