Opera Hits Microsoft with a Bludgeoning Left Hook!

On December 13th, 2007, the Opera company, developers of the famed, ground-breaking Internet browser, Opera, pioneers in browser advancements, and original user-agent software developer to introduce web-browser users to the concept of tabbed-browsinghas filed suit against Microsoft™ in an European court of law. The suit is aimed at forcing Microsoft to un-link Internet Explorer™ as the primary Internet browser bundled with their monopolistic operating system, Windows™

Opera has long held the position of innovator in the Web browser market, having introduced and pioneered features like tabbed browsing, Speed Dial, integrated search bar, mouse gestures, Opera Link™ and many others. Absent Microsoft’s abuse, Microsoft would have been forced to compete on a level playing field with Opera and other browsers. Instead of innovating, Microsoft has locked consumers to its own browser and only recently begun to offer some of the innovative features that other browsers have offered for years.

Please read the original Opera Press Release for the complete story. I recommend you also read the article at cutting edge web standards, and CSS evangelists’ web site, CSS3.info

Odland, Tor (Opera Public Relations: Communications Director). “Opera files antitrust complaint with the EU.” Opera, Company, Press Releases: 2007. Rev. 2007-12-13. Available at: http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2007/12/13/ (accessed: 2007-12-14)

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