Linux Text Editor : Scribes

Official Scribes Web Site at Sourceforge

Scribes Functions Quick Reference:

  • Spell Checking: F6
  • Indent line or lines: Ctrl-T
  • Unident line or lines: Ctrl-Shift-T
  • Find matching brackets: Ctrl+B
  • Join a line: Alt-J
  • Select a word: Alt-W
  • Select a line: Alt-L
  • Select a sentence: Alt-S
  • Select text within brackets: Alt-B
  • Change selected text from lowercase to uppercase: Alt-Up
  • Change selected text from uppercase to lowercase: Alt-Down
  • Swap cases of selected text: Alt-Shift-Down
  • Capitalize selected text: Alt-Shift-Up
  • Show the popup menu for the text editor: Shift+F10

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