PHP Eclipse – How to install the Ulitimate IDE for Linux

This particular Note is much in the spirit of my original (formerly known as) Web Developers’ Pocket Reference.

Fortunately for Linux users, Adam Stokes, of wrote a very nice step by step tutorial for how-to install PHPEclipse on Fedora Core 5 (a Linux distribution). Mr stokes has titled his article, Web development on Fedora Core 5 with Eclipse, CVS, and PHPEclipse

I apologize to Windows users who have come upon this Note because the resource is intended for Linux users. However, Windows users may be able to take something from the resource because of the focus on Eclipse itself– the resource may show info which applies to both environments. I hope that windows users are able to find an equally useful tutorial for installing PHPEclipse on their systems as well. When i tried it on XP, after many hours of difficulty, i failed to arrive at a proper configuration.

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