Get Organized: Take Command of Local Web Sites

Do you find yourself forever trying to better organize the files and folders of your Web Development Testing Server (eg. LocalHost,, etc.)?

Maybe it’s not your webs that trouble you, but your images in so many different directories– or any files, relevant to any PC work you might encounter, which you feel a need to control with more efficiency.

Whatever your needs in File Management, I highly recommend the FREEWARE file manager software, FreeCommander.

FreeCommander: What is it?

FreeCommander (aka. Free Commander, freecommander.exe) is a dual-pane, or split-window replacement or supplement to the native file manager for Microsoft Windows, ‘Windows Explorer’. FreeCommander can do everything you typically do with Windows Explorer, and so much more. For starters, just having two file tree panes to work with when organizing your files and folders is a big step in the right direction for a user who prefers total command over his or her filesystem.

FreeCommander, available at, is the best of the freeware file managers. I can say that because i’ve tried others, and until i find something better than FreeCommander, they all seem like failed imitations. Indeed, FreeCommander may not be the pioneer of the wheel-reinvented for exploring your Windows Desktop environment, but it is FREE, and it is GOOD stuff.

FreeCommander: the Guide

For those of you new to FreeCommander, or who are looking for a quick reference sort of cheat sheet for FreeCommander, check out the FreeCommander guide
Updated link: The FreeCommander Guide

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