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I created a page specifically for typography / font related stuff here. Tools, etc., can be found there.

Here we have some useful font and typography tools to help you decide what you want to use in your graphic designs and CSS.

Years ago it wasn’t very easy to discover what font to use if you were trying to match a particular font style. Instead, it probably required installing several font families on your system and browsing through them, or looking through online collections which might have been screenshots of fonts, so you weren’t even able to select the text.

Recently I’ve discovered some really nice tools for matching fonts, typeface, typography. In some cases you’ll find that you do want to match a font from an image; a situation where you simply have no idea what is the original font. For that task, software does exist. In fact, there’s an online too which works remarkably well, and is quite accurate. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out .

A browser extension is currently available in the Google Chrome Store for Chrome-based browsers for the functionality. It seems to make sense to use that extension if you want to identify fonts in a webpage, as it will also process images containing typography directly from the web page. Alternatively, just go directly to the website and upload an image of something with type on it. Adjust the typographic image as best you can with their available tools before finally processing the image to result in a best guess, offering viable matches of the font in the uploaded image. In my experience, I have been 100% satisfied with the results, and 99% of my trials have resulted in available, FREE font options. Give it a shot. Just go right to the home page, where you’ll find a the option to drag-n-drop an image of your desired font onto their website. Click search, and you’ll get options to select from commercial, free, and Google fonts. It’s that simple! Make sure you have some extra time on your hands because– if you’re anything like me– when it comes to fonts, you might find you’ve spent far more time playing around with how fun it is, and not getting anything productive accomplished!

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